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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let go and trust

A few hours before my departure from the US last week, my mother left me with a bit of advice; "Renee, have a good time, but don't trust anyone."
huh, I thought.
"Mom, thats terrible advice." I said. " Why would you say that?" I got defensive toward that remark."I know what Im doing and who to trust." I say.  "I've been coming to Asia for 10 years mom!" After we said our goodbyes, I continued to mull over her parting advice.
 This seems to be prevailing thought currently in the U.S.. Yes, I hear it time and time again from many when I'm about to travel. "Why would you wanna go over there?"
 It's really sad. Not only is it sad when you think about where I'm about to travel, Thailand, "The Land of Smiles" but also because should you really be thinking that about anywhere? (Ok, perhaps countries who are in war but. . .)
I have an understanding of why she thought to say it. . .Mainly the problem is, I think most Americans are now so glued to the terrible things going on on their TV sets, that the world outside of their home seems to be a VERY scary place. If you spend all of your time watching the news, and various murder and medical programs,  your fear would seem to most definitely rise! Especially, if, like my mom, you don't travel and get out often enough to witness for yourself that the world is quite wonderful! And another one; that people are generally good. C'mon folks, this isn't rocket science! I do belong to the school of thught that states that like attracts like- or what ever you put out is what your gonna get back. And I honestly believe that. But not only is Thailand one of the most friendly and safe places that Ive ever been, I trust this place, and I trust my instincts. -And if we dont have our instinct, and a sense of love and trust out there, whether it be backpacking across the world, or going to get the mail in your own backyard, god help us!
The universe is one and we are one with it.  
I am soooo happy to be back in Thailand where the hearts and minds of the people are not over-run by fear of your neighbor. Rak Muang Thai. I love you mom.

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Kimberly said...

Yes! To chose love and adventure over apathy and distrust. Here is a cheer to trust - even when it seems scary.